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Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility 2016/2017
Call for Applications

The Colegio de Jurisprudencia de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito invites applications for the first and second semester of the academic year 2016/2017

Starting from this academic year, law professors of the Colegio de Jurisprudencia de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito have the possibility to visit Hungary and spend two weeks in one of the most prestigious law schools of the country! In the framework of the Erasmus+ “International Credit Mobility” Program professors have the chance to teach and enhance cooperation with the Law School of PPCU, while all the expenses are paid by the Program!
I. General Information
·         In order to apply for the program, you should be a full-time, part-time or adjunct professor of the Colegio de Jurisprudencia de la Universidad San Francisco de Quito.
·         You should be willing to undertake to teach 3x1,5 hours per week for 2 weeks in your research field in English.
·         Erasmus + Program grants you financial support for your travel expenses and for the living expenses, according to the following:
Program Institution
Area of
     Number of Professors
    Period of time
Monthly scholarship
Travel expenses
Pázmány Péter Catholic University    
Budapest, Hungary
2 weeks/
    1.127 € / week/
1.100 € /
·         Erasmus+ encourages the participation of students and staff with special needs. If you have a special (physical, mental or health-related) situation that would prevent you from participating in the mobility activity, extra financial support can be made available from the National Agency (in Hungary).

II. Who is eligible?
  Part-time, full-time or adjunct professors (“profesores por horas”)
  Teaching responsibilities in English (3x1,5 hours per week for 2 weeks)
  C1 level of English language[1]
  You have to be either a citizen of Ecuador or a valid visa holder in Ecuador. You are not eligible if you are a Hungarian citizen or you have a permanent residence in Hungary.

III. What do you need to apply?
  •    Fill in and sign the Application Form (find it attached to the present letter)
  •    Write a cover letter in English (not more than 1 page) about your motivations and goals in connection with participating in the Program
  •    CV and publications list
  •    Proof of your English language skills (min. C1)
  •    If you are not from Ecuador, the proof of your valid visa
  •    Others:
- copy all the documents that you consider as important in the evaluation process.

IV. The evaluation
The evaluation of the applications is based on the instructions of the Erasmus+ Program, which was founded by the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) of the European Commission. “The selection of participants, as well as the procedure for awarding them a grant, must be fair, transparent and documented and should be made available to all parties involved in the selection process.”
On the basis of these requirements, we take into consideration the following factors.
Minimum requirements:
  •    full-time, part-time, or adjunct professor of USFQ Law School
  •    CV and cover letter
  •    language skills
  •   interest in academic and university life, and chances to cooperate and strengthen the relationship with PPCU
  •    previous teaching or research experience in English or legal courses completed in English
  •    achievements and perspective in the scholarly field;
  •    scientific and other academic results;
  •    participation and lecturing in international conferences
  •    foreign educational organizations.
  •    if you have not yet had the possibility to participate in international programs

In case it is necessary for the evaluation, the applicant will be invited to a personal interview.
The professors selected for the Erasmus+ Program will have to sign an agreement to continue teaching at the USFQ Law School for at least one year after the end of the Program.

V. Important notes:
  •     You need to indicate if you apply for the first or the second semester!
  •   If you would like to apply for the first semester, you can choose the scholarship period (2 weeks) to be whenever between September 5th and December 17th in 2016
  •    If you would like to apply for the second semester, you can choose the scholarship period (2 weeks) to be whenever between February 7th and May 15th in 2017
  •     The application deadline for both semesters is: September 15, 2016
  •    We accept only those applications that are complete, arrive in time and are in line with every formal and substantial requirement, stressed out here.
  •     A committee, set up by the USFQ Law School and the Office of International Programs, will choose the two best applications.
  •    The materials of the application have to be submitted by email to the following email address:
  •     We will inform you about the results in e-mail by September 29!
  •    More information about the Program and the courses offered by PPCU can be found on the webpage of PPCU.

We wish you a successful application!

[1]See the Common European Framework of References for Languages: (C1: effective operational proficiency, i.e. The ability to communicate with the emphasis on how well it is done, in terms of appropriacy, sensitivity and the capacity to deal with unfamiliar topics. )

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